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Hatboro, PA


Sanctuary Renovation, 500 Seats


Stage Acoustics, Theatrical Lighting, Electrical Panel Change, Design/Install


Design a theatrical lighting system to support Traditional and Contemporary worship


Moving from before to after came at a cost: while connecting new electrical feeds to the existing 800 Amp service panel our team found deficiencies requiring a new panel. With scheduling support from PECO we installed a new service panel and the church experienced minimal Ministry interruption.

With help from Elder Douglass, aiming lights for the Worship and Choir teams and noting limitations ensured lighting expectations are fulfilled.

Kent Douglass, Church Project Overseer:
Compared to the original 1973 lighting system, the new system allows our congregation to be seated in a setting that encourages silent meditation, preparation for worship and focus on the Pastor during the message. Easter and Christmas are more powerful, and the limits of the variations possible seem endless..”

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