If you are about to invest in a new audio system or upgrade the old, would you please at least get a written performance guarantee from your contractor. The simple truth is, if you don’t, they haven’t done their homework.

Design Philosophy

1. For 16 years ALL audio systems designed by Spinnaker are developed using AFMG’s 3D computer modeling software, EASE – Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (Fig.1)

Unlike most who work with Ease Jr, we test and design with EASE FULL VERSION, and other AFMG simulation software.

Why should you care? It’s the difference between good intention design and guaranteed performance.

ALL audio systems designed by Spinnaker receive Contractual Performance Guarantees, documenting what every person in every seat will HEAR.

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3D computer model
Fig 1. Pre-Construction Computer Model of Simon and Jude Church

new construction church
Fig 2. Ss. Simon and Jude Church.

2. ALL computer modeling, design, and recommendations are developed by Spinnaker, never outsourcing to other consultants or manufacturers.

3. For each project we thoroughly examine:

  • Architectural plans to ensure performers and technical volunteers needs are included in the design
  • HVAC plans to determine if they are/may cause unwanted noise during room use
  • Electrical plans to investigate if high-voltage noise might interfere with sound or dimming system use

4. ALL sound systems designed by Spinnaker are subject to an Audio System Comparative Analysis TM. Our clients SEE (Fig. 3, 4) which manufacturer performs best, then commit funds with confidence.

While others have gained insight from our “comparative” process, most need to raise their design standards and performance accountability.

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manufacturer A image
Fig.3 Manufacturer A

manufacturer B image
Fig.4 Manufacturer B

5. ALL sound systems designed by Spinnaker are based on Performance-to-Budget criteria. Manufacturer sales incentives have no bearing on our recommendations.

Technical Support and Training

Call Sunday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Many volunteers quit because they can’t make a bad design sound good. If that’s your challenge send this page link to your leadership.

If you are our client, we’ll recruit/train/sustain your audio teams throughout their development.

Tip: the best audio volunteers are people who LOVE music