We don’t install video hardware for the sake of entertainment.

We’re inspired by this mediums Heartware™ potential during solemn moments like these…

THIS HAND – Video Length 2:12

Streaming to Multisite Campuses

The ability to send the same Message, Live, to multiple churches is a powerful tool.

Warning – do your network homework to ensure your video is free of artifacting, ghosting, and poor resolution.


Many of you are considering video for the first time. You’re concerned it won’t blend with classic architecture. Rest easy, we get it.

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Traditional Use
Fig 1. Traditional Use

Contemporary Use
Fig 2. Contemporary Use

IMAG (Image Magnification)

During an infant dedication your video camera captures the child’s face for all to see.

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IMAG Infant Baptism

Video Production

True Client Story:

A former gang member shares his testimony during a Men’s Retreat. The technical team video records his testimony.

Weeks later he is murdered.

During the funeral service his video testimony is replayed and several gang members make a decision to turn from gang life.

Recording, Duplication and Web Broadcast

Your service was video recorded. Now you can:

(1) Duplicate the service onto DVD mail to the sick
(2) Upload an audio only or video files to your web site.
(3) or display the sermon live

Satellite Broadcasting

A national Leadership conference is broadcast via satellite from a church in Chicago to a church in Pennsylvania.

Hundreds of Pastors and ministry leaders attend year after year. Why? The content challenges, encourages and ignites passions to press on.

What would you broadcast to encourage your community?

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Satellite Broadcast Conference