Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church


Fellowship Hall Re-purpose, 250 Seats
Sanctuary Renovation, 350 Seats


Acoustics, Audio, Video, Lighting Consultation, Design/Install


Fellowship Hall – Design performance systems to support worship services while the Sanctuary underwent a renovation
Sanctuary – Design performance systems to support Traditional and Contemporary worship


Fellowship Hall was transformed from a coffee/donuts room to a space that supports Choir/Brass and the Worship Band. Volunteers contributed by installing the acoustic drape and acoustic panels.

Engineering the Sanctuary.

Altering Sanctuary’s acoustics to accommodate Contemporary worship was not an option. Why? Members enjoy a vibrant classical music ministry and since 1996 it is the new home of the Aeolian Skinner Pipe Organ, 1960, Opus 1376, originally used in the

Philadelphia Academy of Music.

So how can Traditional and Contemporary music share the same classical space? During the engineering phase careful attention was given to reverberation times, loudspeaker comparative analysis and stage planning. Our design goal was to preserve Lenape’s Traditional services and provide the next generation a contemporary worship experience.

Melvina Wolff, Director of Music Ministries:

Honestly, I was a little put off when I saw monitors on the Chancel. But when we started to use them, the Choir could finally hear themselves and the Pastor. Our attitude is changing about technology in worship.”

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