St. David’s Episcopal Church


Existing Church, 600 Seats


Acoustics, Audio System, Design/Install


In 2006, St. David’s completed the construction of a new Chapel that included a (32) speaker system designed by another company. Unfortunately the new sound system was not compatible with the rooms acoustic properties resulting in poor intelligibility. Late in 2008, St. David’s hired Spinnaker to study the problem, design a new system and recycle as much of the original equipment as possible.


Simple: 3D model the Chapel, document room acoustics, evaluate different manufacturer speakers, then select a product that will distribute sound evenly at critical speech clarity frequencies.

The best performing design required only (2) speakers mounted on (2) pillars near the platform.

The Rev. W. Frank Allen, Rector:
“Today, our sound is fantastic, both for the spoken word and for music. We are delighted with the new system, and Spinnaker’s excellent and personal service.”

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