The Vineyard Church


New Construction Church, 900 Seats


Acoustics, Audio, Video, Theatrical Lighting Systems, AVL Electrical Infrastructure, Design/Install


Design an audio system that can make molasses dance, give them the biggest video screen the stage can support, video production tools Mac fans will love and an expandable lighting system.


The Vineyard Church wanted performance guarantees and they got them. Sound distribution at every seat, front to back, left to right was post-install documented at +/- 2.75dB, better than the industry target of +/- 3dB.

The 15’ x 20’ main video image and supporting production systems deliver so powerful a visual experience that outside sources have asked to use the room for professional movie screenings. And the plasma over the fireplace is also a favorite.

Finally the Auditorium Stage and Café lighting bear fruit that you can achieve good lighting with limited fixtures and conservative spending.

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