Hearing echos and mechanical noise during the spoken word irritates us too.

Let’s review classic problems every denomination struggles with:


Reverberation Control

Reverberation is sound that is heard long after the “original” sound ends (i.e. echo in a gym). An echo over 2 seconds can be distracting and compromise speech clarity.

Listen to this audio recording with and without echo:


With the aid of computer modeling we SEE where these echoes travel (Fig.1), develop a plan to reduce their reflections and ensure the finished treatment looks like an architectural feature (Fig. 2).

                                                                           click images to enlarge

Mechanical Systems Noise

Got hums and buzzing when lights are dimmed, rumbling sounds when air-conditioners turn on/off?

We study electrical and HVAC plans and identify the source of the noise. New construction? We review mechanical plans to preempt the problem.

                                                                                  click images to enlarge

Stage Volume Control

“Does the band have to play so loud?”

Think big picture for a minute…

  • Are the walls and floor around your musicians hard materials?
  • Are stage monitors bigger than a bread box?
  • Are there instruments on stage not controlled by the main sound board?
  • Does your worship team skip rehearsals or sound checks?

If you answered YES to any of the above, call and ask for Fenicia