Streaming to the Web

User Beware:

Free streaming providers shut streams down the second you violate music/video licensing rules.

Call for recommended providers, features to consider, and providers to avoid.


Streaming to a 2nd Campus

Fiber or copper? Required bandwidth?

Live streaming campus to campus is not for the week in stomach or small budget.

There are many landmines to avoid. And many blessings to reap. Let’s talk.

                                                                                click image to enlarge



Computer modeling lets us know where to place devices for optimum coverage.

No guessing or wasted money.


Controlling Announcement TV’s

Program TV’s to turn on before services or mid-week gatherings.

Then off when people leave.


                                                                               click image to enlarge



Remote Support

Remember that network line we connected to your equipment?

Sunday morning when your volunteer calls for help, we see what they see, and walk them off the ledge.

24, x 7, x 365.